Cases in Facial Rejuvenation

Click Images below for a more detailed view. Individual results may vary.

Facial Rejuvenation – Browlift

The patient is a woman who has had previous face lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty.  She seeks improvement to her brow shape with a brow lift.  Note that the lateral brow position is held constant while the central brow is released and elevated to give the patient a more pleasant and rested look.

Facial Rejuvenation – Browlift

The patient is a woman in her mid-50’s who was dissatisfied with her drooping asymmetric brow.  She has improvement with an anterior hairline brow lift.

Facial Rejuventation – Browlift

The patient had an aged and tired look around her eyes, contributed by redundant eyelid skin and brow droop or ptosis.  She had improvement with brow lift and blepharoplasty.

Facial Rejuvenation – Browlift with Fat Grafting

The patient is a woman in her early 60’s who desired improvement of her brow droop and shape.  She is improved with a browlift using a well hidden incision along the anterior hairline.  She has concurrent fat grafting to her cheeks, and marionette lines.

Facial Rejuvenation – Chin Implant

The patient is a woman in her early 50’s who desired improvement to her profile and lower facial width.  She has a chin implant placed via an incision hidden in a crease.

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