Web Log – September 2014 – 8 Years in the “New” Office

Think back to 2006…  Boulevard of Broken Dreams wins the Grammy, Crash wins the Academy Award, Barry Bonds surpasses Babe Ruth on the all time HR list, Roger Goodell begins as NFL commissioner, and Wigod Plastic Surgery moves to its new location at 3630 E. Louise Drive.  It seems like yesterday.  To put eight years in perspective for me … that’s how long it took to get through undergrad and medical school (and then another 8 for residency and fellowship).  Wow, that’s a long time.

I have now been in the Treasure Valley for 13 years and this month it’s the anniversary of our 8th year in Meridian.  I must be getting old.  On the other hand,  I think the place still looks great, largely thanks to Dan, our property manager.  Our Operating Room has had several inspections and maintains accreditation as required by my professional society and insurers.  There was some early staff turn over, but we have had our main players for the last 5 years.  Like any team, stability is lends to steady service and hopefully improvement. If all continues to go well we may have to have a celebration at 15 years in practice / 10 years in the “new” location.

Mark D. Wigod, MD, FACS, providing cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery to Boise, Meridian, Treasure Valley and Southeastern Idaho.

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