Web Log – November 2012 – Scar versus Contour

Wild grasses at sunset
Wild grasses at sunset

This month’s case of the month patient demonstrates an important principle in Plastic Surgery – Scar versus Contour.  No patient wants a scar.  If there must be a scar, then it should be as short as possible.  I agree, generally.  The problem occurs when in our zeal to limit scar, the patient has a less than optimal outcome.  I have seen the problem whether it is short scar facelift, closed rhinoplasty, breast lift or reduction, and the list goes on.  Scar limiting techniques are great and I use them if a proper result can be obtained.  That is where “scar versus contour” comes in.  If patients understand that an optimal result can only be obtained with a more significant scar, most have no problem accepting that scar.  Then, every effort is made to ultimately leave a fine and well placed scar that will likely fade and hopefully be incorporated or even forgotten in the future.

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