Web Log – May 2018 – Return of Downtime

Lunch time cosmetic treatments like fillers, low level lasers, and Botox are great additions to our war on the ravages of aging, weight changes, and pregnancy.  These treatments are so wide spread that it does not make sense for a Plastic Surgeon to perform them him or herself.  That is why I refer patients seeking these treatments to well trained and reputable practitioners who perform them well at high volume.  The problem with lesser treatments, however, is that they are not for everyone, are still expensive (especially when repeated over and over again), and at some point may be ineffective ( or at least not a good value).

That is why Plastic Surgeons went to Plastic Surgery School… to provide the most aggressive (and usually the most effective) treatments to patient’s cosmetic woes.  I have seen the pendulum swing back to patients understanding the limits of non-invasive approaches and seeking real operations with real results.  That means blood and treasure.  I preach the gospel of trade offs, realistic expectations, and informed consent.  A recent article in Allure describes the swing back nicely.  Click the link below.


The Return of Downtime: Why Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures Are on the Rise


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