Web Log – May 2009 – Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

Allergan, a company which makes breast implants and Botox, has recently introduced Latisse. It is an FDA approved product designed to make eyelashes thicker, longer, and darker. It is available only through a doctor. Improvements may be seen quickly, with full results expected at 16 weeks. Continued, but less frequent use is required to maintain the result. The drug is applied to the upper lids only with a brush. Side effects observed in a small percentage of patients include eye irritation and skin darkening. There have been reported incidences of increased brown coloring to the iris (colored part of the eye), but this problem was not observed in controlled clinical studies. My staff has been happy with the improvement they have seen when using the product for only a short time. For more information, go to www.latisse.com ,or make an appointment to see our nurse and esthetician, Misty DeVall, RN.

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