Web Log – March 2014 – Not All Surprises in the Operating Room are Bad

Imagine my surprise when my scrub tech (assistant for surgery) for an implant exchange and nipple reconstruction at one of our local hospitals turned out to be my breast reconstruction patient from four years ago.  After going through the breast cancer treatment and reconstruction process, she went back to training and became a certified scrub tech and was now working in the hospital.  It was a little extra pressure making every move look slick because I was sure she was thinking, ” that’s what he did to me… ouch,” the whole time.  She did a great job and we had fun catching up.  It was a nice reminder that most patients recover well and get back to their real fulfilling life. We must also be careful not to forget that not everyone is so lucky. While radiologists, and surgical / medical/ and radiation oncologists do a fantastic job saving lives, some breast cancer patients do have metastatic disease and do eventually die from breast cancer.  There is much research into treating metastatic breast cancer and this is a recent focus of the Komen organization.  So, don’t forget… the Komen Race for the Cure is coming up on May 10th.  Come join our team.

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