Web Log – June 2017 – New Range of Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants Explained

Allergan has recently introduced some new options to its line of silicone gel implants.  The basic implant, Inspira, is more filled with gel than implants it made as recent as one year ago.  This helps them ripple less and maintain their shape better.  Allergan for several years has also made a shaped firm gel implant called the 410.  This implant, because it is shaped and textured, is not for everyone, but the firmer gel was appealing for the same reasons that the Inspira base model was more appealing – less rippling and holds a shape better. Therefore, Allergan recently introduced the firm 410 type gel in a round implant and called it Cohesive.  And to make choices even more difficult (or better as the case may be) made an implant in between called Soft Touch.

Each implant does have specific applications and a blog discussion would not do the analysis justice.  Briefly, though, the least cohesive implant will feel the softest, but have less superior rounding and more lower pole projection and the most cohesive will be the opposite with the Soft Touch in between.  Price rises with increased cohesivity.  So, if you are considering breast implants for the first time, or considering an upgrade, make sure that you and your surgeon chose the optimal implant for your goals.  For more, see the Allergan Gummy Implant web page.

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