Web Log – June 2015 – Komen Idaho Expands to Montana

Charity, as I have come to find out, is a competitive arena.  Many organizations compete for your dollar and your loyalty.  Komen has maintained a long record of important contributions to the Breast Cancer Fight.  Part of its mission is to maintain services over the entire United States map.  Over the last two years, economics has threatened Komen services to Northern Idaho and to Montana.  Komen Boise previously reorganized to include Northern Idaho and became Komen Idaho.  Now, it has come to the aid of Montana and will serve that state as Komen Idaho – Montana.  Efforts are underway to cover Eastern Idaho as well.  All this has been a logistical strain on the Boise staff, but they have done a fantastic job.

Another issue has been how Komen funds research.  Appropriately, now more funds are being devoted to aid Breast Cancer Patients with later stage disease.  You will want to check out the YouTube link about Forever Fighters.

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