Web Log – July 2017 – Simply Do Not Go Snowboarding 2 Weeks after Augmentation

One of the most frequent points of negotiation I get before and after surgery is proper activity level.  Our practice literature broadly states to limit activity and to increase it gradually.  At 4 to 6 weeks, you can do a bit more.  After 6 weeks, you can generally return to whatever activity you would like.  Before then, you risk bleeding, wound breakdown, fluid build up, infection, increased pain, and prolonged recovery.  Walking is very important after surgery to minimize changes of a Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).  Other than that, TAKE IT EASY.   As I like to say, “That isn’t just your – insert body part – it’s our – insert body part.”  A recent journal article title caught my eye and helps to illustrate my point.  Follow the link below to see why snowboarding 2 weeks post breast augmentation is a bad idea.

Simply Do Not Go Snowboarding 2 Weeks after Augmentation


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