Web Log – January 2018 – Rhinoplasty Improves Social Perceptions of Attractiveness, Health, and Success

I recently read a Journal Article entitled, Rhinoplasty Improves Social Perceptions of Attractiveness, Health, and Success. You might say that is a bold statement, and I would have to agree with you.  Rhinoplasty patients are certainly happy with their improved looks and breathing and the operation is one of my favorites to perform.  But, how do you quantify and prove an effect?

That is what the authors of the study above attempted to do.  Non plastic surgery trained observers were surveyed and researchers found measurable improvements in perceived attractiveness and presumed health and success in patients who had rhinoplasty.  The approach may make you scratch your head, but putting a number on appearance is a persistent problem in Plastic Surgical literature.

I think what the study really confirms is that no matter the body part, from a nose to a chest to beyond, people perceive others with attractive traits in a positive light and infer positive personal qualities, deservedly or not.  While you may or may not like the place of looks in how others are valued, this is nothing new (as in millennia ) and is well documented in the psychology literature.  It does help explain why aesthetic plastic surgery is so popular.


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