Web Log – February 2017 – New Content

One fun thing about having your own web site is that you can update it whenever you want.  My hosting company makes it relatively easy to make basic changes and additions that even a middle aged doctor can do it.  My main additions are the monthly blog with case of the month.  This case is often added to my gallery.  I also try to improve the site content as time allows.

For the case of the month, I presented several cases.  I have noticed more women who are avid body builders or fitness competitors coming in for breast augmentation.  So, I made a new category in our photo gallery – Body Builder / Fitness.

Our Patient Education 3D Animations also got a welcome update with a new video on Gynecomastia in the Breast section .   These videos, in general, are a great introduction to plastic surgery topics and I encourage you to take a look.


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