Web Log – February 2013 – Nose Surgery and Airway

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is an especially challenging set of procedures not performed by all Plastic Surgeons. I have a particular interest in rhinoplasty and have taken additional courses and study in an effort to  deliver optimal result for my patients.  Reducing a bump or tapering a tip can make a fantastic difference for someone who dislikes his or her nose, but improving the patient’s ability to breathe through the nose is also very appreciated and satisfying to me.

Three procedures –  turbinate reduction, septoplasty, and spreader grafts – can all potentially improve the nasal airway.  These procedures may be done with or without concurrent aesthetic surgery on the nose.  If any of the three operations are indeed medically indicated in someone with both aesthetic ( bump ) and functional ( cannot breath well through the nose ) complaints, health insurance coverage can be investigated.  If approval is obtained for airway surgery, the patient is then given a reduced fee quote for additional desired aesthetic surgery.

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