Web Log – December 2017 – Math Proves You Cannot Stop Aging

Plastic Surgery has lots of aspects, from restoring form and function due to cancer or injury to making larger breasts and smaller noses.  Plastic Surgeons are also asked to turn back the clock on the signs of aging, particularly on the face.  The problem is, Plastic Surgery might be able to tune up the paint job and put Armour All on the dash, but it cannot turn back the odometer on old car.  Looking younger can make us feel younger, just like exercise, getting good sleep, and eating right.  That is great, but unfortunately it does not change our calendar age.  Plastic Surgery patients are happiest when they get what they expect, so for facial rejuvenation patients, calendar age is something that must be accepted. But, we may as well look and feel as good as possible at each stage in our lives.  I am all for that.


Along the same line of thought, I recently read an interesting article discussing the limits of human longevity.  It basically states, our cells are built to age.  If you only select for the cells that do not age, then cancer cell proliferate and they get you instead.  Of course, the article makes a more complete argument than I can.  Click the link to read the full article.


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