Web Log – December 2012 – Three Keys to Facial Rejuvenation

Happy Holidays from Dr. Wigod and Staff
Happy Holidays from Dr. Wigod and Staff

There are three factors to address when considering facial rejuvenation.  The first is the one that most people think of – tightening skin laxity with a facelift.  The second is one which has recently been more appreciated – filling volume loss with temporary fillers like Juvederm or potentially permanent ones like fat.  The third is one that no one really thinks about until it is too late – skin tone.  Smoking, sun, and age all conspire to make skin thin, wrinkled, and discolored.  So youth is the time to develop good habits and avoid smoke and sun.  Too much alcohol and too little sleep also seem to contribute.  So far, taking care of your skin does not sound like much fun.  Maybe, but it does not cost much.  What also does not cost much is skin products and treatments to address the aging changes that are already present.  Whether it is soap, moisturizer, facial, microdermabrasion, peel, or laser, good skin care is safe, easy, and even fun.  A visit with an esthetician is an easy first step to a younger looking you.

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