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Scheduling Information

We invite you schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Wigod to discuss your Plastic Surgery interests. At that time, you will be asked to complete a short health history as well as other necessary forms. You will then be seen by Dr. Wigod as promptly as possible. While every effort is made to respect your time, sometimes appointments are delayed secondary to emergencies or the need to provide complete care to those scheduled before you. In case of a long wait or unanticipated emergency, we apologize and will be happy to reschedule your appointment at another time convenient for you.

Patient appointments are scheduled from:

  • 1:00 to 3:30 PM most days Monday to Friday

*Call 208-377-9515*

Consult / First Visit


An operation can only be successful if the patient is satisfied with the result. Accordingly, Dr. Wigod consults with his patients about the desired anatomic change and motivation for undergoing surgery. He also explains the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the operation. He then performs the procedure in a safe environment and does not conclude until the optimal results he can achieve are obtained. After the operation, the surgeon and staff provide complete care including pain control, education, and problem solving. Dr. Wigod’s training in General Surgery helps ensure his Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgeries are approached with caution and professionalism.

Wigod Plastic Surgery Meridian ID | Boise IDDr. Wigod’s office staff may provide you general information over the phone and then send appropriate brochures for you to read. If you schedule an appointment, all consultations are with the doctor and last until your questions are answered. Dr. Wigod hopes for the opportunity to help solve your Cosmetic or Reconstructive Surgery problem. Your satisfaction is his goal.


If your doctor has referred you for a reconstructive problem, he or she will promptly receive a letter outlining our findings and the course of treatment. We encourage you to return to your referring doctor after your specialized care is complete.

Whether you have been referred for reconstructive or cosmetic problem, Dr. Wigod never forgets that he is not only operating on you, he is also operating on everyone you know. A Plastic Surgery Practice can only grow and be sustained by satisfied patients. Accordingly, the surgeon and staff will make every effort to ensure that you have a pleasant experience as well as excellent surgical care.