Case of the Month – March 2016 – Immediate Breast Reconstruction in Patient with Prior Breast Augmentation

The patient is a young woman who had history of bilateral breast augmentation, but now had indications for mastectomies. (It should be noted that breast augmentation does not put a woman at higher risk for breast cancer.)  Because she had already, in effect, been pre-expanded by her breast implants and because she had a relatively small breast with no ptosis, she was a good candidate for immediate nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate tissue expander placement.  In the early post op photo (the cord under the skin on the left breast is a drain tube), breast looks deflated and traumatized.  Ultimately, after expansion, she progresses to a very nice post op result.  Compare the upper part of the breast with the expanders in place – there is more of an evident border and the saline filled device ripples under thin coverage.  Now consider the final result with a form stable silicone implant with the smoother upper pole and no rippling seen.

Pre op
Early Post op
Post expansion
Post Implant Exchange

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