Vectra is an amazing camera system that captures a 3-D image of the patient’s face, breast, or body. The image may then be analyzed by the surgeon for enhanced pre operative planning and presented to the patient as needed for improved counseling and education. For breast augmentation patients, the system can simulate what a particular implant might look like on her own body. For rhinoplasty patients, nose shaping changes may also be simulated. Other procedures may also be demonstrated. You will want to tell your friends. It is very important, however, that the patient understand that the simulations are for education only and absolutely no result can be guaranteed and no warranty give

Digital imaging is a unique experience for the patient. How often do you get to see a different version of yourself? The key, however, is that it is digital only and not reality. Digital imaging is best intended for patient education. Most patients are thrilled with VECTRA, but if you feel that the digital image is not what you want, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Rather, it is an opportunity for more discussion. While VECTRA is very good, in some patients, an accurate portrayal of surgery may not be optimal or even possible. For other patients, discussion may result in a surgical plan more to your liking. Finally, an image that Dr. Wigod feels is a reasonable representation of what may occur at surgery might help the patient understand that he or she may not be happy with what surgery can accomplish – and that is not a bad thing. Dr. Wigod would rather have a happy patient who he did not operate on instead of an unhappy patient who he did operate on. Overall, Dr. Wigod has found VECTRA 3D imaging to be very helpful, but it is not a substitute for building a relationship with the patient nor for presenting his before and after photos of similar patients.

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