Case of the Month – May 2016 – Breast Augmentation in All Shapes and Sizes

Breast Augmentation is a versatile operation.  The same implant device may be used for one patient to make her look as large and full as possible while in another used to fill a breast made empty by age, pregnancy, or weight changes.  The two women presented demonstrate this contrast.

The first patient is a young woman who had firm breast tissue and no previous pregnancies.  She wanted to be as large and augmented appearing as her tissue would safely allow.

Pre op
Post op

The second patient is a woman who had volume loss from pregnancy and age who wanted to fill her empty breast and appear as natural as possible.  Note that in most cases where there is mild to moderate breast droop (ptosis), a breast lift with additional scar, cost, and risk may be avoided.

Pre op
Post op

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