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Web Log – August 2015 – Rhinoplasty and Ethnicity

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is a very effective way to improve facial aesthetics.  A procedure to lower the  dorsum (hump), trim and define the tip , straighten the crooked, or narrow the wide (or widen the narrow, for that matter) can do wonders to balance the central feature of the face.  Rhinoplasty works best when… Read More »

Case of the Month – August 2015 – Rhinoplasty

The patient is a Latin descent female who dislikes her dorsal hump (bump on her nose) and her wide nares (nostril width).  She has improvement with a closed rhinoplasty (incisions through the inside of the nose) and a Weir excision (trimming the outside nostril width).  She is happy with the result because it fits her… Read More »