Cosmetic Procedure Pricing

It is difficult to give exact cosmetic procedure pricing without examining the patient and assessing desired goals.  It is certainly reasonable, however, to know what cost range a procedure might be before scheduling a consult.  Dr. Wigod’s fees are similar to other area surgeons and are a good value for the service provided. When considering travel costs, time off work, a surgeon with no local reputation, and no one near to care for you in case of problems, it really does not make sense to travel out of state in search of a bargain.  Your bargain surgery may turn out to be no bargain at all.

Below are listed commonly requested cosmetic procedures with a price range.  Prices include Surgeon’s fee, Anesthesia fee, Operating Room (Meadow Lake Surgery Center – Dr. Wigod’s accredited on site OR) fee and materials (implants).  Procedures that may only be performed in a hospital setting (not presented below) will have a Surgeon’s fee only quote as well as an estimated quote on what the hospital and anesthesia group will likely charge for the expected anesthesia and OR time.

Breast Augmentation  (silicone implant)- $6900 to $7800 depending upon implant and breast type

Breast Augmentation Revision- $4000 to $9500

Breast Lift (mastopexy)- $6500 to $8500

Breast Reduction (not covered by insurance)- $7000 to $9000

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)- $7000 to $10000

Thigh Lift- $7000 to $9500

Face Lift- $7000 to $12000

Neck Lift – $5500 to $7000

Blepharoplasty (upper or lower eyelid lift)- $4000 to $7500

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)- $5000 to $9500

Chin Augmentation- $4000 to $6000

Earlobe Repair (office procedure)- $600 to $1500

The fees provided are estimates only, but a firm quote may be provided after consultation.  Quotes  may be more or less than the presented range and are based on procedure difficulty and time required.   One big advantage to scheduling your surgery at Meadow Lake Surgery Center is that, except in unforeseen circumstances, you should have no further costs.  When scheduling at a facility not controlled by the surgeon, the hospital and anesthetist may bill the patient more if greater time is spent during the procedure than estimated.  There may also be  various billing errors along with stressful efforts required to resolve them. Global quotes provided by Dr. Wigod avoid these problems.